Best Lip Balms of 2021

Lip Balms - Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to lip balms, Qur Life can answer doubts and frequently asked questions about the product.

Which Lip Balm is Best?

We believe in the importance of lip care, Our products offer you a solution to dry or chapped lips. With our Clip Balms and 360 Lip Balms, you won't have to worry about the health of your lips again.

Are Lip Balms Bad For Your Lips?

The use of lip balms is not harmful, because it helps to moisturize and take care of the health of your lips. Something important is that you always have to check the ingredients to avoid situations.  

Can I Use Lip Balm Everyday?

When using your favorite lip balms, it is recommended that you apply it before the lipstick or lip gloss (before, not after). To protect your lips, the recommended daily use is 6-8 coats a day (in the morning, before bed, and during the afternoon every couple of hours. 

Does Lip Balm Darken Lips?

 No, on the contrary, lip balms help to give a certain shade of color and shine to the lips, although this depends on the ingredients and the type of lip balm you use. 

Can Lip Balm Make Your Lips Pink?

It is proven that the use of lip balm assists in the regeneration of cells in our skin. They also stimulate circulation and help prevent fine lines. The lip balms you choose should have essential oils as ingredients, these help your lips take a pinkish tone while keeping them hydrated.

Does Lip Balm Make Your Lips Bigger?

No, applying lip balm does not help increase lip size, but the effects of using them make the lips look full and moist.

What Lip Balm Actually Works?

Qur Life Clip Balms and 360 Lip Balms are perfect for both delicate personal care, as well as to make them look more attractive. We offer you an innovative and balanced solution for the care of your lips, but mainly, it is a comfortable and attractive solution.