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Lip Balms Brands

Among all the Lip Balms Brands on the market, Qur Life offers you the most innovative and comfortable solutions: our Clip Balms and 360 Lip Balms. Both products are must-have for on the go. Just clip it to your belt, purse, backpack or yoga pants. Grab it and use it when you need it. Its slim and almost flat profile and soft-touch finish takes cool, convenience and chicness to a whole new level.

Our natural Lip Balms are functional for any type of lifestyle, if you are a person who constantly goes out to exercise, or if you work from the office or from home. The size of the product is important, our Lip Balms can be taken anywhere.

Taking care of the health of our skin and our lips is important at all times, there is nothing better than fulfilling our daily commitments and at the same time being able to take care of ourselves. Qur Life can do that for you and your family.

Lip Balms Brands - Qur Life


 360: Life’s a Journey, no doubt. Trying new things, exploring and discovering. Our balms come in bundles of two, so you can mix it up with each new day. 360 is so innovative, we had it patented! Our one of a kind component is irresistibly cool and oh so fun to use.

Lip Balms Brands - Qur Life

  • Clip Balms: Whether you're on-the-go (again!) or taking a moment to disconnect, Clipbalm does the work for you and clips onto your travel bag or yoga pants. And since #balance is everything, we’re bundling our balms in packs of two, so you can mix up with each new day.

Born with innovation at its core, Clip Balm does as its name promises– clips straight on to your belt, bag, or yoga pants.