Lip Balm VS Lipstick

Lip Balm VS Lipstick

Regardless of whether you are male or female, everyone has had the situation where their lips become chapped or dry. The use of lip bams is essential for the general health care of our lips.

The use that can be given to the lip balm is different than the lipstick,
The lip balm is an ointment used to soothe dryness and cracks on the lips made from a mixture of oils and wax that help to create a protective layer on our skin (which in turn prevents moisture loss).

The biggest difference between lip balm and lipstick is that lipstick is used to add color to the lips, regardless of whether it is opaque or glossy. The lip balm helps in the process of hydrate & moisturize our lips, protecting them from the sun. An interesting fact is that the lip balm can be used in conjunction with the lipstick to create a base that in turn works as a moisturizer.


The Lipstick is a cosmetic that falls into the makeup category and adds color to our lips. Its shape is that of a traditional bullet, sometimes it is modern liquid lipstick and sometimes like wax pencils. The lipstick is intended to create a prominent target point (or focal point).

Lip Balm

Lip Balm VS Lipstick

The lip balm is a product designed with the aim of hydrating and protecting the lips from cracks and the sun. They come in different shapes, like solid bars, or jars.

 Aesthetic Differences

The lip balm is usually colorless (it tends to be transparent) or can be pure in color. The lipstick can be transparent, but when it comes to having colors, it is much more concentrated.

The ingredients used to create the lip balm are moisturizing oils, emollient waxes, and fats. These ingredients give our lips a soft and moist look. If you need to choose a look without makeup, the lip balm is your best option.

As for the lipstick, it usually comes in all different finishes, metallic, shiny, metallic, or flat matte. The lipstick helps in the process of creating glamorous, fresh, or youthful looks, due to the saturated colors it offers.