Clip Balms -  The Innovative Lip Balms Of 2021

Clip Balms - The Innovative Lip Balms Of 2021

Meet our Clip Balms, the most comfortable and simple lip balms on the market. They are simple and necessary for anyone who needs to maintain their lip care. They also add a sense of fashion for those who like to match their items with specific colors or their clothing.

A must-have for on the go, active lifestyles. Drop that search of the handbag looking for your balm. Just clip it to your belt, purse, backpack or yoga pants. Grab it and use it when you need it. Its slim and almost flat profile and soft-touch finish takes cool, convenience and chicness to a whole new level.

When being at home or taking a moment outside to disconnect, Clip Balm does the work for you and clips onto your travel bag or yoga pants. And since balance is everything, we’re bundling our balms in packs of two, so you can mix up with each new day.

Why It’s Different

Born with innovation at its core, Clip Balm does as its name promises– clips straight on to your belt, bag or yoga pants.

Why You’ll Love It:

Jam-packed with good stuff: Shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil & coconut oil. None of the bad stuff: No parabens, No PEGs, No phthalates,No silicones, No sulphates, No animal testing.

Clip Balms Packs

How are our Clip Balms packages divided? Qur Life offers you 2 packages for totally accessible prices.

  • Clarity &Unplugged

Clip Balms - Best Lip Balms of 2021 - Qur Life

Clarity: Indulge in the cool, refreshing taste of fresh mint and pucker up to a clean burst of flavor.

Unplugged: Sometimes the taste you crave isn’t sweet, or salty, savory or fruity.

  • Uplift & Rise + Grind

Clip Balms - Best Lip Balms of 2021 - Qur Life

Rise & Grind: A balanced blend of vanilla and coconut, and a punch of citrus to kick this awesome combo into high gear.

Uplift: Cherry Vanilla With hints of sweet cherry, layered with rich vanill.

What are you waiting for to try the best lip balms of 2021?! If you are one of our first 100 customers, shipping is FREE! Unclip, slide, apply, moisturize and BOOM!