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Best Lip Balms - Qur Life

When we noticed the beauty space could use innovation, we found a way to reboot and refresh it. Our goal is simple - to create modern products that are easy to use and to make it with stuff that’s really good for you.

Our lip balms are unique in their shape, simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Our patented designs make for a better experience while our high-quality formulas keep you and your well-being at the core of everything we create.

What do we promote?

  • Beauty: what you imagine is what you become so express your individual beauty and let your inner light glow. QUR believes you can inspire when you’re uniquely you, so shine on like the star you are.
  • Balance: Don’t let them dim your light or kill your vibe. You do you and focus that energy into good thoughts. Chin up and vibe high. 
  • Life: Truth bomb about life: some of your best days are ahead of you. Dream bigger and better, babe. QUR is here for it when you experience life on your own darn terms.

Best Lip Balms 2021 - Reimagined Beauty

Qur Life - Best Lip Balms

We are in 2021, the new times cry out for us to simplify things, making it easier to use the things we need. That's what Qur Life is all about, we offer you the solution for the health of your lips in your pocket. That's right, lip balms on the go.

We challenged ourselves to identify key, everyday items in the personal care and beauty space that need a reboot and a refresh. We wanted to create modern interpretations, improved usage, and a better self-care experience.

We believe in the importance of lip care (there are people who have sensitive lips, this causes them to split or dry out very often. Our products offer you a solution to these problems. With our Clip Balms and 360 Lip Balms, you won't have to worry about the health of your lips again.