Best Lip Balms of 2021

Best Lip Balms of 2021

Looking for a solution for chapped, dry lips, and also for the comfort of personal use? Qur Life has the answers you need, the best lip balms of 2021:

360 Lip Balms: open up a world of moisture with the flick of your thumb.

Clip Balm: Unclip, slide, apply, moisturize, and boom!

Qur Life offers you the best lip balms of 2021, they are comfortable, efficient, and of a convenient size, since you can carry them everywhere (when exercising, in the office, commitments outside the home, etc).

Qur Life is based on beauty, balance, personal care, ease within the simple solution for the health of your lips. QUR believes you can inspire when you're uniquely you, so shine on like the star you are.

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Balance moisture with convenience

Modern products that are easy to use, and made with stuff that’s really good for you. Our patented designs make for a better experience while our high-quality formulas keep you and your well-being at the core of everything we create.

Best Lip Balms of 2021

  • 360 Lip Balms: 360 is our perfect performer. Its design is so unique that we had it patented. No cap to unscrew or a twist to turn. Powered with SPF15, this all-rounder opens up a world of moisture with the flick of your thumb.

    It fits right in your palm in four delicious flavors. Pick from Shine & Marine or Journey & Balance, if you’re like us pick them all. And as always, all our flavors are BS-free.

Best Lip Balms of 2021

  • Clip Balm: A must-have for on the go, active lifestyles. Drop that search of the handbag looking for your balm. Just clip it to your belt, purse, backpack or yoga pants. Grab it and use it when you need it. Its slim and almost flat profile and soft-touch finish takes cool, convenience and chicness to a whole new level.