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360 Lip Balms - The Solution is Now in Your Pocket

Open up a world of moisture with the flick of your thumb. Our patented 360 lip balm, a one of a kind component that’s irresistibly cool and oh so easy to use. Beautiful in its simplicity and unique in its usage. No cap to remove. No twist-up needed. Its smooth rounded shape, flat profile, and gentle slide mechanism are how we are innovating and refreshing the beauty space.

It fits right in your palm in four delicious flavors. Pick from Shine & Marine or Journey & Balance, if you’re like us, pick them all. And as always, all our flavors are BS-free.

Why It's Different

360 lip balms are so innovative, we had it patented! Our one of a kind component is irresistibly cool and oh so fun to use.

Why You'll Love 360 Lip Balms

360 Lip Balms - Qur Life

Jam packed with good stuff: Shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil & coconut oil. And SPF 15! None of the bad stuff: No parabens, No PEGs, No phthalates, No silicones, No sulphates, No animal testing. Our 360 lip balms come in bundles of two, so you can mix it up with each new day.

360 Lip Balm 2-pack - Shine & Marine:

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  • Marine: Say hello to our crisp, clean mint infused balm we call Marine.
  • Shine: We love when you shine - especially with a little help from this delish lemon verbena balm.

360 Lip Balm 2-pack - Balance & Journey:

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  • Balance: A luscious but delicate citrus blend perfectly paired with a touch of sweetness.
  • Journey: Quite possibly the best, most intoxicating vanilla we've ever smelled. Life just got sweeter. 

Qur Life offers you an innovative and balanced solution for the care of your lips, but mainly, it is a comfortable and attractive solution. You can have complete control of your lip balm anywhere and anytime. Being in fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, taking care of yourself represents and exhibits beauty.

What are you waiting to start with personal care in the most innovative way? Take advantage now, be one of our first 100 customers and receive FREE shipping.