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Kristina Prest Has Featured QUR Lip Balms

Kristina Prest Has Featured QUR Lip Balms on her IG account. 360 Lip Balms comes in a 2-pack: SHINE & MARINE. Jam-packed with Shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil & coconut oil 👄💦! They are natural with a clear translucent finish, adding no artificial color to your lips. More reasons I love these lip balms: 

✔️No Silicones.
✔️No PEG’s(Polyethylene glycol compounds).
✔️No Animal Testing.
✔️No Phthalates.
✔️No Sulfates.
✔️No Parabens.
✔️Moisturizing Formula.
✔️Innovative Packaging.
✔️SHINE- Lemon verbena refreshing balm.
✔️MARINE- A crisp, clean mint infused balm. 


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